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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • Nopi, Sep 30th, 2010

    30/9: This is seriously the best part

    Sep 30th, 2010

    Yotam spent the morning (well, most of it) with Lindy from Ceramica Blue (http://www.ceramicablue.co.uk) sifting through catalogs looking for crockery. Then with Sarit going through the prop list which is endless. Where to start? We’ve got late glasses, linen napkins, condiment bowls, skillets, chef uniforms, waiter’s aprons, coat hangers, vases, business cards, sugar shakers, cocktail shakers, toothpick holders, toothpicks…. arrrrgh. And it’s never ending because as soon as you tick one another one comes up, and another, and another.
    But it’s very satisfying because we’re creating something completely new and, at this stage, the slate is almost completely clean so we can do whatever we want. Bliss.

  • Nopi, Aug 30th, 2010

    10083030/8: “Destroyed", as Darek the builder describes it. And that’s what it is. Compare to what it used to be just 5 minutes ago: http://www.theclubbaranddining.co.uk/

  • Nopi, Sep 25th, 2010

    25/9: Choosing the floor…
    made us (Yotam and Noam) go all the way to Pizza East (http://www.pizzaeast.com) and have lunch. These are the hardships of setting up a new restaurant. Poor, poor us, and I can go on, but, anyway, Alex wants a rough floor, real rough, and Pizza East has scaffolding boards for floor. Got there, saw it and decided we’re going more refined, which also means more expensive. And we also need to see what Alex has to say. So a rough ride still ahead.

    Sep 25th, 2010

  • Monthly Chef Meeting

    It was one of the most productive chef meetings we’ve had so far. Almost everybody was there, bar Adriano, Garry and Francis (we sort of excuse them), and the ideas were both original and delicious. It was short as well. Myles’ beetroot mash with ginger puree and duka was immediately popular. Sami stunned us all with some amazingly looking and tasting fairs using Odyssey’s giant butterbeans: No. 1 with burnt aubergine, pomegranate and mint (so Ottolenghi); No. 2 with avocado and chilli (so Mexico); no. 1 won by a small margin. Becky’s puy lentils with Jerusalem artichoke and truffle oil were a clear hit, beating Yotam’s lentils with roasted peppers and manuka honey. 1-0. Then there was Mark’s aubergine with cinnamon, chilli and maple, served with pecorino, which was a real surprise (who would have thought? Not about Mark, about the cinnamom) and a great hit. Ling’s take on Waldorf, but Ottolenghi-fied, was spot one: celeriac, green apple, quinoa, red onion and poppy seeds with pickled chilli and a sharp dressing. Raphael brought couscous and freekeh salad with dried tomato and grilled courgettes. Also a triumph. Expect all these wonders on the coming menu, starting next week. Oh, and almost forgot, welcome back Scully!
  • Nopi, Sep 21st, 2010

    21/9: Project Team Meeting - first tasting
    Busy meeting last night at Motcomb street (http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/locations). A lot on with not too much to show for it at the end, unfortunately. Quick slide-show below shows Noam measuring space between chairs while Basia and Cornelia pretending to be diners, albeit a bit too active. Got that done. Tick. Then tasting some Welsh lamb and beef from a promising potential supplier: fillet excellent, sirloin not, rump so-so and lamb disappointing. Tick. Then Scully, head chef to be, embarked on the first in a series of tastings to get us to the ultimate menu. Tick. Also there: Sarit, Sami and Yotam. Still no name.

  • Nopi, Sep 20th, 2010

    10092020/9: Noam is using the space as a scooter parking lot. Original use of premium Soho real-estate, but not for long.

  • Nopi, Sep 18th, 2010

    10091818/9: Our latest attempt at a new sourdough roll to open the meal."Must be the best in town", says Dan.


    18/9: A couple of meetings in Israel to go over the design plans with Alex (http://www.alexmeitlis.com) have moved us forward substantially. Former plan was set aside and we are now looking at some new ideas, perhaps rougher, less pretty?

  • Nopi, Sep 12th, 2010

    12/9: Wine list - Oshi and Gal started working on it…
    and we are now discussing the menu structure, how to combine the geographical with the grape variety in an exciting way. Follow gal on twitter: @zoharwine he’s your expert on tannins and the rest.

  • Nopi, Sep 11th, 2010

    11/9: Cappuccino cup et al.
    Chris just tried the cappuccino cup (pictured below) in Islington and, although small, we love it. The brown colour feels classic, substantial. Next, the plates. The winds are blowing in the direction of irregular (pebble like) shapes, as pictures, but not 100% yet.

  • Nopi, Sep 10th, 2010


    10/9: Lindy got us some crockery samples. The espresso cup is beautiful.

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