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Monthly Archives: December 2010

  • Christmas 2010

    It's all over now. Orders are out, kitchens are clean, tired chefs and shop assistants are on their way home, and we all get a few days to rest. Thank you - to ALL Ottolenghi staff - for a smooth and fun Christmas!  
  • Nopi, Dec 21st, 2010

    21/12: Still a building site

    …but turning more and more restaurant by the day.

    In the top image Pshemek is preparing the shelves that will run along the wall in the basement. On them we will store dry ingredients for the kitchen. So brace yourselves, basement diners, to chefs coming round to grab what they need.

    On the ground floor, on the other hand, things are more formal. No chefs seeking produce, no open stove flames, and the best possible accoustic sceiling (painted in the bottom image) to keep it civilized.

    tumblr_ldsfhaYHXk1qd2m59 tumblr_ldsfjoIagC1qd2m59


  • Nopi, Dec 20th, 2010


    20/12: Dessert.

  • Nopi, Dec 20th, 2010


    20/12: The floor has been laid down over the last few days: beautiful marble from Greece with dense golden-brown veins. This is so exciting. Also, Basia and Sarit have been making much progress with the staff recruitment process. Things are coming together.

  • Nopi, Dec 16th, 2010


    16/12: Temporary coffee station. Final should look more pro, we hope.

  • Nopi, Dec 16th, 2010


    15/12: The only dumb waiter we plan on having in the house has just arrived and looks perfectly at home.

  • Nopi, Dec 12th, 2010



    12/12: John made breakfast dishes and they were all smiling.

  • Nopi, Dec 9th, 2010

    tumblr_ld5s9dpkfx1qdyifro1_r1_1280 tumblr_ld5s9dpkfx1qdyifro2_1280 tumblr_ld5s9dpkfx1qdyifro3_1280 tumblr_ld5s9dpkfx1qdyifro4_1280 tumblr_ld5s9dpkfx1qdyifro5_1280 tumblr_ld5s9dpkfx1qdyifro9_r1_1280

    7/12: As we were tasting…

  • Nopi, Dec 7th, 2010


    7/12: seabass in tomato essence

  • Nopi, Dec 7th, 2010


    7/12: NOPI tasting highlight: warm brandy financiers. Sooo….. good

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