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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • Nopi, Mar 29th, 2011


    29/3: Scully has been trying gratins today, to replace the popular fondant swede. Fig relish and cauliflower (pictured) didn’t quite work but confit potato and baby leek was a winner. Asparagus with romesco sauce worked really well too (to the delight of David, Daniel and Andrea). Oh, and Giles Coren came for lunch yesterday. We’re cool… Not!

  • Nopi, Mar 25th, 2011

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    24/3: busy lunch service with a couple of new dishes.

  • NOPI: our new restaurant

    Our shiny new restaurant, NOPI, is now in full operation. It’s not an Ottolenghi but it is beautiful, delicious and proves very popular already. You can book a table, upstairs or downstairs, read our blog or just enjoy the pictures... # Photographs by Keiko Oikawa
  • Nopi, Mar 14th, 2011

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    14/3: Just when there was so much to tell - reaching the absolute culmination of all our efforts - there was no one there to tell it. We’ve all been so madly involved in getting the restaurant working, solving little problems, trying this dish and that dish, adapting menus and changing service procedures, worrying about what blogger X wrote or reviewer Y thought, getting all the computers and printers to be friendly with each other – that we neglected to tell the story.

    Well, NOPI is now running pretty smoothly. We’ve opened the downstairs – our very-literal chef’s table - and diners love it; we serve a Kingly breakfast, that is still a bit quiet but we know it will fill up in no time; we are changing dishes and adapting the menu according to the general feedback; we are growing and learning and enjoying every minute of it.

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