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Moon Valley

We at Ottolenghi are proud to work with Moon Valley Enterprises, a young British company that sources beautiful and hard to find foods from across the Levant, with a particular focus on helping Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. We work very closely with them and thanks to our relationship have been able to source terrific products such as maftoul, freekeh and grape molasses. They are continuously searching and expanding their offerings and their staff in the West Bank have access to the best and most interesting foods that the region has to offer. While they are a commercial business, Moon Valley has a strong social conscience, in line with our own. They are striving to upgrade agricultural standards and help develop the region, to bring prosperity to the farmers. They are helping the local growers and producers to develop successful, sustainable agricultural businesses in a region that is strangled economically. All of their products are made from the finest quality authentic local raw materials. They source only from producers who adhere to ethical trading practices and who meet very high quality standards. Their food is stunning, unique and delicious and it's great to support such an important venture. Read more about Moon Valley here.