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Ottolenghi, The Cookbook

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It took Yotam and Sami a whole year and many hours of testing and tasting to put together their first collection of recipes. Published May 2008 by Ebury press, it is our first summary of Ottolenghi food for the home cook. The 140 recipes cover everything we do: our prominent salads and roast vegetable dishes, cold meat and fish, substantial main courses from our dinner menu in Islington, some of our wholesome breads and savoury pastries, and a good mixture of the sweets that distinctively adorn Ottolenghi's windows. We encourage you to use this best-selling book as a window into our world. Each book is signed by Yotam and Sami.

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Ottolenghi, The Cookbook

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    Author-signed, cooking triumphs guaranteed, this is a must-have for all Ottolenghi customers

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    Adored by card-carrying vegetarians, die-hard carnivores and everyone in between.


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  • Shop I have just found the Perfect Recipe - Quick, Easy and Unforgetable
    (28/09/2015) "I have just found the Perfect Recipe - Quick, Easy and Unforgetable

    The opening line in this recipe says 'This is another one of Etti's masterpieces. There is no other way to describe it. Two of our recipe testers for this book both said that it is now their favourite, because it is dead easy and utterly delicious.'

    What more can I say. For once an understatement because this dish (Buttered prawns with tomato, olives and Arak is quite simply - to die for (Page 150).
    Now please excuse me while I search for the other masterpieces!"
  • Shop My favourite Ottolenghi book
    (20/01/2015) I love this book and have tried so many of the recipes in here. My favourite recipe which I cook over and over again is the broccoli, almond and chilli recipe, it is so simple but sensational. I regularly cook from this, mainly for special occasions, such diverse flavours and unusual ingredients. I love the olive oil apple cake which always comes out perfectly. Still so many recipes to try!
  • Shop The perfect present
    (21/12/2014) I bought this cookbook for my boyfriend after taking him to the Ottolenghi restaurant in Islington. It's definitely one of the best recipe books I've ever bought. The roasted aubergine with saffron yoghurt is simply amazing and his favourite is the baked okra with tomato and ginger. A brilliant gift for anyone who wants to expand their culinary repertoire.
  • Shop brilliant!
    (15/09/2014) contains loads of recipes from his incredible restaurant in Islington... All the recipes have been absolutely delicious
  • Shop One of my Desert Island Cookbooks
    (17/08/2014) Chicken with Sumac, za'atar, and lemon is probably one of my favorite ways to prepare chicken. And I would never have guessed that the jerusalem artichoke soup with rocket would become one of my favorite soups ever. The orange polenta cake was also a hit.
  • Shop Jam packed with delicious recipes
    (30/03/2014) This book is absolutely filled with fantastic recipes. The carrot cake and apple and olive oil cake have to be my favourites though. I've had this book for a few years and I've still not tried more than half because I've got hooked on making the same recipes! Need to make sure I make some I haven't made before!
  • Shop A kitchen essential
    (27/01/2014) Every kitchen should have a copy of this book! I especially like how so many dishes are meant to be served at room temperature. I like to prepare three or four recipes the day before having lunch guests. Then, the next day, all that is left to do is to attempt to present the food as beautifully done in the shops!
  • Shop a joy for the tastebuds
    (23/01/2014) this book is a must have addition to any kitchen - full of wonderful ideas and unusual recipes, vegetables will never be boring again! everyone needs to have a copy!
  • Shop A real eye opener
    (01/12/2013) Looking back now, I was stumbling round in the darkness before this 'book' showed me the light. I saw 'book' because it's more a culinary bible with sections dedicated to every foodstuff from vegetables, fish, meat and baked treats. The flavours I have since tried have tantalised, tingled my tastebuds and taken up hours of my time burning aubergines over naked flames. I could not recommend this more
  • Shop Revolutionary
    (29/11/2013) As a vegetarian, I bought Plenty last year. I have cooked several recipes from it and enjoyed them all; a couple of them even made it onto the specials board in my café. Whilst it is a book that I go back to again and again, it didn't take over my life. Ottolenghi, The Cookbook, was the one to do that. On a whim a few weeks ago I treated myself to this, and mealtimes haven't been the same since. Oh, the joy of burning aubergines on the hob, knowing you are going to be able to turn them into something fabulous! I will never not chargrill my broccoli ever again! Our fresh herb consumption has increased dramatically, and I am already planning turning over much more of my garden to plantations of tarragon and chervil. Having picked some homegrown beetroot for the roasted beet salad, I saved the leaves and used them in place of chard in the lentil soup recipe which went down a storm with my customers. Most of the time I use this book just for me and my husband, but some of the simpler recipes are finding their way into the café. For his birthday I made both the chocolate fudge cake and the chocolate and chestnut bars, and have had several requests from friends to do it again.

    One of the great joys for me (other than the fabulous flavours) is the technical brilliance of the recipes. They work. I rarely follow a recipe to the letter as I am perfectly capable of seeing how I can improve it, but I have learned to trust Yotam's writing. On first glance I might not understand some of the flavour combinations but they all, without exception, have turned out to be delicious. Although I am vegetarian and mainly cook that way, I do sometimes prepare meat for my husband and I have ordered some oxtail from the butcher because I am so keen to prepare Yotam's recipe!

    I have bought many, many cookbooks over the years, some of which fall by the wayside quite quickly. Others I take ideas from and then rarely revisit. Some I use on a weekly basis. Ottolenghi, The Cookbook has been a life lesson that I am excited to continue learning.