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Now that we’ve all learnt how to pronounce it (we say KEEN-wah, not kwuh-NO-uh!) it’s now time to shake up the colour scheme. Step aside white quinoa and step aside red: it’s time for the drama of black! This has slightly more of a bite than the white variety and needs a few more minutes cooking that the white and red – we give ours 14-15 minutes in a pan of plenty of salted boiling water (rather than the 9 we give white and the 11 we give red).
Black quinoa looks absolutely fantastic in all sorts of dishes and salads – contrasted against bright green soy beans, for example, or thinly sliced pink radishes. Green watercress, white spring onions, poached pink salmon, white chunks of feta: the potential for a riot of colour is loud.
As with all quinoa, the black variety is gluten-free and high in protein.


Organic black quinoa

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Black Quinoa I Ottolenghi Online Store I Gluten-free, protein-rich, dramatically black and quick to cook.

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