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This is an Egyptian aromatic seed and nut mix that can be sprinkled over leafy salads, roasted vegetables, legume pastes such as hummus, and over simply cooked rice or lentils. Hand-made in our bakery, all of the elements are distinguishable but the mix is evenly balanced.


Hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, black peppercorns, coriander seeds, sesame seeds, nigella seeds, sea salt, sweet paprika

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    Possibly our favourite spice mix: versatile, warming, distinctive, delicous

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  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients Aromatic & Addictive!!
    (05/12/2014) This is an absolutely gorgeous mix. I springle it on salads, soups, dips...the list is endless but, my all time favourite way of using it is adding a large spoonful to flat bread dough before cooking. It gives the bread a subtle but very tasty spiciness and the little chunks of nut add texture. Great stuffed with falafel and natural yoghurt!!!
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients great mix
    (08/03/2014) Perfect with hummus and warmed roasted vegetables. In fact, anything where you might like to try some subtle nut flavours.
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients good mixture
    (22/01/2014) It was very nice on salad and roasted vegetables.
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients I love this!
    (22/01/2014) This dukkah is perfectly balanced and wonderful to add to dips or on flatbreads - I tried it with ice cream too and it was surprisingly delicious!
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients my favourite addition to Hummous
    (22/11/2013) I make big batches of the Ottolenghi recipe for hummous, which is definately the best but I sometimes want a change and sprinkling it with Dukkah and a swirl of olive oil makes a delicious addition
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients Gorgeous
    (03/11/2013) Beware this stuff is addictive. Moreish and delicious
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients delicious stuff
    (19/10/2013) I love this stuff. I once smothered a chicken in the stuff before baking. I do not recommend this! but really really tasty - my favourite spice mix.
  • NOPI: The Cookbook Ingredients A Wonderful Mixture of Seeds and Nuts and Spices
    (19/09/2013) Another item you won't want to be without, I use Dukkah on evrything, from cereal to salads. I just wish it came in larger jars as the whole family steals it.