Ottolenghi granola

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Our rich homemade granola. Serve with milk or yoghurt or eat as a dry snack.


Oats (gluten), almonds, Brazil nuts, maple syrup, light muscovado sugar, sunflower oil, salt

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Ottolenghi granola

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  1. Ottolenghi fruit granola |

    Ottolenghi fruit granola

    Our granola with dried berries: as good with milk for breakfast as without for daytime snacking


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  • Granola Great!
    (14/11/2014) Super tasty, my favorite granola ever! Just the right amount of crunch and sweetness
  • Granola Faultless
    (26/09/2014) Simply the best granola I've ever tasted. Can't buy anything else now.
  • Granola Nice fresh granola
    (22/01/2014) It is a very nice granola with loads of brazil nuts and almonds, however, for me it is a little bit too sweet and therefore I prefer the fruity version.
  • Granola Dream granola
    (08/12/2013) This is the ONLY thing I would request for my boyfriend to bring me from London to Singapore. Dream about this everyday till I next get a chance to have breakfast in London.. the moment I land, it just 1 thing in mind - grab breakfast w this Granola! The crunch, the combination of the Brazil nuts and the maple sweetness is worth every mouthful. No many cereal is yummier than this! Good job!
  • Granola Amazing
    (27/11/2013) Have with some Greek yoghurt, some sliced banana.... lovely!