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  1. Cranberry and oat cookies |

    Cranberry and oat cookies
  2. Flourless chocolate cookies |

    Flourless chocolate cookies
  3. Chocolate and hazelnut woodland meringues |

    Mocha and Hazelnut Woodland Meringues: Bite-sized white meringue peaks brushed with dark chocolate and crushed hazelnuts: these are a great sweet treat to have around at Christmas time.
  4. Strawberry woodland meringues |

    Strawberry Woodland Meringues: So-called because they look like little acorns, these bite-size meringue peaks, brushed with the classic Ottolenghi combination of white chocolate and freeze-dried strawberry, are very moreish indeed.
  5. Prosecco and pecan truffle |

    Festive bubbles, creamy nuts, dark chocolate: these mini Christmas logs are, possibly, the best way to end a feast, along with a short black coffee. They also make for a lovely sweet gift to take along to a Christmas drinks party or meal.
  6. Ottolenghi nougat |

    Ottolenghi nougat

    Our bars of nougat make for the perfect treat with a short black coffee

  7. Garibaldi biscuits |

    Garibaldi biscuits

    The ‘squashed fly’ Garibaldi biscuits of our youth just got an adult makeover.

  8. Gingerbread pigs |

    Gingerbread pigs
  9. Dark chocolate, pistachio and raspberry brittle |

    Dark chocolate, pistachio and raspberry brittle

    Treats for grown ups. A beautiful gift and stunning snack

  10. Salt caramel and chocolate brittle |

    Salt caramel and chocolate brittle

    Sweet dark chocolate, crunchy salted caramel - a delicious and very decadent gift

  11. Raspberry lollipop |

    Raspberry lollipop

    Smiles-on-a-stick, without the e-numbers.