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Chargrilled asparagus, courgettes and manouri

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350g cherry tomatoes, halved
140ml olive oil
24 asparagus spears
2 courgettes
200g manouri cheese, (or halloumi) sliced 2cm thick
25g rocket
flaky sea salt and black pepper

Basil oil:
75ml olive oil olive oil
1 garlic clove, chopped
25g basil leaves
a pinch of salt
¼ tsp black pepper

This salad is substantial enough to be a light meal in itself, or it works well served with some simply cooked salmon. Manouri is a greek, semi-soft, fresh cheese produced from the drained whey left over after making feta. it’s light, creamy and subtle but also keeps its shape when fried. it’s not as easy to get hold of as we’d wish, so if you can’t find any, use slices of halloumi as an alternative. another, slightly different, option, is to go for a light and creamy goat’s cheese such as Rosary: it doesn’t keep its shape when fried, though, so skip on this stage and just add it to the salad as it is.

With thanks to Helen goh for creating this, in her early days with the team.

Serves 4-6

(p 33, The Ottolenghi cookbook)


The method for this recipe is available in the book Ottolenghi, The Cookbook, available to buy here.
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