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Conchiglie with yoghurt, peas & chilli

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500g Greek yoghurt
150ml olive oil
4 garlic cloves, crushed
500g fresh peas or frozen, de-frosted
500g conchiglie pasta
60g pine nuts
2 tsp Turkish or Syrian chilli flakes (or less, depending on how spicy the variety you use is)
40g basil leaves, roughly torn
240g feta, broken into chunks
salt and freshly crushed
white pepper

Turkey and Syria produce many types of dried chilli flakes, known throughout the region, varying greatly in sweetness, acidity, smokiness, heat and earthiness. Each has its own unique aroma and identifiable tinge and we like playing around with them in flavouring many of our dishes. We particularly like Urfa chilli, dark purple and almost musky in flavour; Aleppo chilli, burgundy colour and fruity; or the more general Kirmizi biber, literally translating from Turkish as ‘red pepper’, which is easier to find and covers a range of Turkish products. Look out for all of them in Middle Eastern and Turkish shops, or online. If you can’t get them, use regular chilli flakes with a tiny amount of
smoked paprika.

Serves 6

(p 111, Jerusalem)


The method for this recipe is available in the book Jerusalem, available to buy here.
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  1. Pine nuts

    These elegant and longer-than-usual nuts are for sprinkling and showcasing

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  • Shop Unusual and surprisingly good pasta recipe
    (21/10/2014) We tried this pasta recipe for the very simple reason that we had a lot of pasta dough and also some yoghurt left over.
    As strozzapreti are easier to make yourself than conchilglie, we went for those, and they also matched the dish well.

    Since we happened to cook in a slightly cooler climate zone, we heated the yoghurt and peas a bit, which was a good idea.

    The combination of different tastes - cool and sour yoghurt, rich and spicy pine nuts, earthy pasta - is absolutely fantastic.
    Next time we'll try a variation of broccoli as opposed to peas, and we hope that this will be great as well.

    Have to stop writing and get myself a snack, this has made me hungry.