Garibaldi biscuits

Garibaldi biscuits

Garibaldi biscuits

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Sweet marsala-wine soaked raisins sit (squashed) between two light and flaky biscuits and the lemon zest and orange balance out the sweetness like a dream. We’re as excited about these as any five year old at tea time.


Italian flour (Gluten), raisins, unsalted Butter (Milk), sugar, Cream (Milk), sweet marsala wine, orange juice and zest, Egg yolk, salt and lemon zest.

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  • Fresh Melt in the mouth
    (26/01/2015) Deliciously buttery with succulent fruit just melts in the mouth ... more of a pastry than a biscuit - utterly scrumptious and so moreish ... a guilty pleasure
  • Fresh Luxurious
    (26/09/2014) These are very rich, sweet biscuits - not like the commercial packeted ones at all. You could pass these off as home -made and pretend you've made them yourself!
  • Fresh Divine
    (20/08/2014) These are just divine.
  • Fresh This was stunning!!!
    (04/03/2014) Really lovely flavours and nice texture, looks good too! Love this take on garibaldi biscuits, thank you.