Wine list Ottolenghi Islington

Aperitif     Vergano Americano, Piemonte, ITA, NV   £6.85 
      Vergano Vermouth, Piemonte, ITA, NV   £6.85
        Bottle   125ml
Sparkling     Lambrusco Ferrando, Quarticello, Emilia Romagna, ITA 2013 (org)                                  £31.00  £7.00
      Neromaestri, Quarticello, Emilia Romagna, ITA, 2012 (org) £31.00  
      Prosecco Casa Coste Piane Loris Follador, Veneto, ITA NV (bio) £32.00 £7.50
      Cava Brut Nature, Recaredo, Catalonia, SPA, 2008 (bio)                                £42.00 £9.50
      Festejar!, Patrick Bouju, Auvergne, FRA, NV (bio) £43.00  
      Cuvee de Reserve, Pierre Gerbais, Champagne, FRA, NV £45.00 £10.50
      Quintessence, Franck Pascal, Champagne, FRA, 2004 (bio)          £75.00  
Rose     Tavkveri Rose, Pheasant’s Tears, Kakheti, GE, 2013 (org) £38.50 £7.35
      A touch of cranberry with subtle earthy depth.    
      Rosammare, Nino Barraco, Sicily, ITA, 2013 (org) £42.50 £8.15
      Grown in vineyards on the sand dunes of Marsala. Saline, refreshing, wonderful.    
      Salmonido, Barranco Oscuro, Andalucia, SPA, 2012 (bio) £46.00  £8.75 
      Incredible Pinot Noir grown at 1300m on mountains looking to Africa.    
      Fanino, Gabrio Bini, Pantelleria, ITA, 2012 (bio) £60.00  £11.25 
      Delicate, mineral and perfumed. Slow fermented in clay amphorae. A remarkable wine.    
White     Folle Blanche, Pierre Luneau Papin, Loire, FRA, 2013      £23.00 £5.25
      Clean, crisp and precise with a lemony finish.    
      Verdicchio Classico “Gino”, Fattoria San Lorenzo, Marche, ITA, 2013 (bio £27.50 £5.50
      Complex, fresh and mineral. A real gem from a true artisan.    
      Dabouki, Cremisan, Bethlehem, PAL, 2013 £35.00 £6.85
      A soft and fruity wine made by Salesian monks from indigenous grapes.     
      Bellotti Bianco, Cascina degli Ulivi, Piemonte, ITA, 2013 (bio) £36.00 £7.00
      Nose of lilies, dry spices, quince with a hint of walnuts and a long finish.    
      Melonix, Jo Landron, Loire, FRA NV (bio) £37.00 £7.15
      Expressive Melon de Bourgogne with no added sulphur from a real pioneer.    
      Gavi, Cascina degli Ulivi, P iemonte, ITA, 2013 (bio) £39.00    £7.50
      Fresh and elegant Gavi from an extraordinary winemaker.    
      Cassiara, Monteforche, Veneto, ITA, 2013 (bio) £40.00 £7.75
      Luscious and fresh. A delicious wine full of herbs and fresh fruit.    
      Touraine Le Tesniere, Puzelat-Bonhomme, Loire, FRA, 2013 (bio) £40.00  £7.75
      Flinty minerality combined with lemon, white fruits and a hint of dry honey.    
      Opok, Weingut Muster, Sudsteiermark, AT, 2012 (bio) £41.00 £7.95
      Light and fresh blend from the rolling hills of Austria.    
      El Carro, Bernabe Navarro, SPA, 2013 (org) £41.00  
      A dry, crisp and floral wine from one of our favourite wine makers.    
      Bianchetto, Le Coste, Lazio, ITA, 2013 (bio) £43.00 £8.25
      As pure as natural wine gets. Lively fruit, herbs and minerality.    
      Pouilly-Fumé, Alexandre Bain, Loire, FRA, 2013 (bio)  £50.00    £9.75
      A different expression of a classic wine. Aromatic, mineral and complex.    
Orange     Rkatsiteli, Pheasant’s Tears, Kakheti, GE, 2011 (org) £40.00 £7.65
      Indigenous Georgian variety with smoky notes and hints of apricot and almond    
      Tsolikouri, Ramaz Nikoladze, Imereti, GE, 2012 (bio) £41.00  
      Aromatic with amazing energy and great structure.    
      Bianco Amphora, Guttarolo, Puglia, ITA, 2013 (org) £42.50 £8.15
      Wonderfully cloudy, juicy citrus fruit with clean minerality. Totally unique.    
      A Demua, Cascina degli Ulivi, Piemonte, ITA, 2010 (bio) £44.00 £8.35
      A field blend of five local grape varieties. Dried apricot and almond. Stunning.    
      Dinavolo, Giulio Armani, Emilia-Romagna, ITA, 2008 (bio) £45.00 £8.50
      Powerful but refined, with beautiful tannins and a long herbal finish.    
      Vitovska, Vodopivec, Carso, ITA, 2010 (bio) £52.00 £9.65    
      Peach, smoke, herb and honey. A wine born from deep within Carso’s bedrock.    
Red     Aroa Tinto, Aroa Bodegas, Navarra, SPA, 2013 (org)  £23.00 £5.25
      Light red fruits, a hint of liquorice and soft tannins. Ethically made Garnacha.    
      Brezo Rosso, Mengoba, Bierzo, SPA, 2014 (org) £25.00 £5.50
      Joyful with lively red fruits from the beautiful land of Bierzo.    
      Kékfrankos, Weninger, Sopron, HUN, 2012 (org) £31.00    £6.40
      Dark fruit on the nose with white pepper and light spiciness on the palate.    
      Shavkapito, Pheasant's Tears, Kakheti, GE, 2013 (org) £35.00  
      Bold, earthy and dry with flavours of blackcurrant and toasted almond.    
      Il Casale Sangiovese, Il Casale, Tuscany, ITA, 2011  £38.00 £7.50
      Classic Sangiovese from true artisans. Structured with good tannins.    
      Gorge Seche, Brendan Tracey, Loire, FRA, 2014 (org) £38.00 £7.50
      Soft earthiness with cherry and plum. A captivating wine from a unique character.    
      Barbera d’Asti, Bruna Ferro, Piemonte, ITA, 2013 (bio) £40.00   
      Nose of violets, plums and ripe cherries. Intense and mouth-filling.    
      Rosso di Valtellina, Ar.Pe.Pe, Lombardia, ITA, 2013 £43.00 £8.25
      Delicate Alpine Nebbiolo. Spice and cherry, mineral and earth undertones.    
      Le Primeur, Le Coste, Lazio, ITA, 2014 (bio) £44.00 £8.50
      Unique with a rare energy and lift. Tart fruit, minerality and acid.    
      Primitivo Amphora, Guttarolo, Puglia, ITA, 2010 (org) £45.00  
      Stunning purity of fruit. Complex and elegant. Primitivo at its best.    
      Carso Terrano, Zidarich, Carso, ITA, 2011 (bio) £55.00  
      Amazingly balanced Refosco. Piercing minerality and fruit.