Black barley

Black barley

Black barley

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With the outer bran left intact, this barley has more of a chewy and nutty bite than the more commonly used barley, where the tough outer hull has been removed. It develops a rich and glossy black sheen when cooked so both looks and tastes really special.

"I love black barley both because of its nutty taste and dramatic looks. As with black quinoa, black sesame seeds or black garlic, it just looks so impressive and ‘wow’ compared to the white variety. It’s quite a way to make a statement – rich, dark and glossy – when you clash it with chunks or white feta and stir through lots of vibrant green herbs or chopped preserved lemon skin. It’s black because the outer bran is left intact (rather than hulled) which also means that it has a really chewy and nutty bite which I love. As with anything that has its outer hull intact, it will take a bit longer to cook than hulled barley as the water has to work a bit harder to get through the grain. If you want to reduce the cooking time then just soak the grains overnight before they get cooked."

Yotam Ottolenghi


black barley (parboiled) (gluten)

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October 2019

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