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Mograbieh is a larger type of couscous. Also known as pearl or giant couscous, it is common throughout the Arab world. Mograbieh can be used as a substitute to fregola, the Sardinian equivalent, or in most recipes that calls for couscous.


Semolina, salt and water

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April 2019

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  1. Bulgur - coarse white

    These coarse white grains are a light and nutty alternative to cous-cous or rice

    Bulgur - coarse white


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  • Pantry Love it.
    (26/09/2014) Never tasted it before and found it very tasty. More like tiny balls of pasta almost - delicious.
  • Pantry Takes some getting used to for novice cooks
    (24/09/2014) Received this as a present in my Jerusalem Hamper. Probably would never have found this product otherwise but am so glad I have! It is a great alternative to couscous to give variety to meals
  • Pantry Unusual
    (01/01/2014) More like pasta than couscous, mograbieh provides a nice visual and textural contrast when to couscous salads or soup. I gave three stars as I find the mograbieh takes longer to cook than the package directions indicate.