Black glutinous rice

Black glutinous rice

Black glutinous rice

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Black glutinous rice is a staple in South East Asia, used in several countries in a few closely linked sweet dishes. One of the highlights of breakfast in NOPI is black glutinous rice infused with pandan and garnished with coconut milk and fresh fruit, in a Malaysian style. The rice grains themselves are beautiful to look at, interchangeably dark brown and black, and have a gorgeous texture when soaked and then cooked quickly. The individual grains maintain their integrity, remain a bit al dente but are simultaneously starchy and soft. Despite the misleading name, they contain no gluten, nor does any so-called ‘glutinous rice’. Our rice comes from Thailand and we think it’s a great addition to any home cook’s store cupboard.



Black glutinous rice

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29 June 2018

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