Whole dried lime

Whole dried lime

Whole dried lime

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Also known as Noumi basra or Oman lemon. These are small lemons (or limes) that are left to dry in the sun for a very long time until they turn rock-hard. They have a sharp flavour and are very aromatic. They are added whole to stews, tagines and soups and lend a very unique flavour (remember to puncture them!). We also like grinding them (in a spice grinder) and add to salads, particularly those containing pulses and grains.



Dried lime

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30 December 2018

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  • Spices A lovely addition to a stew
    (11/06/2014) I used these when making the Iranian vegetable stew.Love this dish.the limes add an interesting twist to a vegetable stew.
  • Spices A flavor powerhouse
    (27/01/2014) Add a few dried limes to a soup or stew and your dish will be transformed by their complex, tangy citrus flavor.