Cranberry and oat cookies

Cranberry and oat cookies

Cranberry and oat cookies

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White chocolate (soy/milk), unsalted butter (Milk), white & wholemeal flour, oats (Gluten), Almonds, dried cranberries, sugar, orange zest and salt. 

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340g (6 cookies)


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  • Fresh Addictive
    (30/03/2014) I bough these to take round to a friends for coffee and we managed to eat nearly the entire pack! They are delicious and now no other cookies are ever as good.
  • Fresh good with coffee
    (22/01/2014) I don't really eat biscuits, but I couldn't resist this one. Very rusticy and has got the right balance of the ingredients. It works very well with Italian style coffee, as it would take away the sweetness of the biscuits.
  • Fresh Very nice but make sure you like your biscuits sweet!
    (26/11/2013) Delicious with a home-baked taste but very sweet so you need to have a sweet tooth for these.