Tagliatelle and sugo di carne chianina | Gift Box

Tagliatelle and sugo di carne chianina | Gift Box

Tagliatelle and sugo di carne chianina | Gift Box

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The Geometry of Pasta

The perfect shape (of pasta) + the perfect sauce = the geometry of pasta! Four stunning boxes, designed and put together by Jacob Kenedy (chef/owner or Bocca di Lupo in London) and graphic designer Caz Hildebrand (of Here Design), pairing precisely the right sort of pasta with the right sort of sauce.

The rules! The more swirls, twirls, ridges, twists and tubes a pasta has, the chunkier and thicker the sauce that goes with it should be. Smooth, long, thin ribbons of spaghtetti or linguine, on the other hand, require a simple, light sauce of grated cheese and cream or an oil-base sauce such as vongole. Tubular penne, corkscrew-shaped fusilli, shell-like conchiglie and twisted casarecce, meanwhile, love to act as vessels, scooping up peas, chickpeas, pine nuts or raisins in the their nooks and crannies.

For those who didn’t realise the rules were so precise and set in stone, we are offering four different pastas with four different sauces so that you’ll never pair penne with vongole sauce again.

Tagliatelle and Sugo di carne Chianina
Very thinly cut, these delicate fine noodles pair perfectly with the beef sauce.


Sauce: PGI Chianina breed beef (65%), crushed tomatoes, double concentrated tomato pste, extra virgin olive oil, wine, vegetables, (onion, carrot, celery), salt, garlic, pepper.
Pasta: durum wheat semolina (gluten), water.

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01 October 2018

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Sauce: 180g
Pasta: 250g


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