1. Panettone with apricots |

    Panettone with apricots
    coming soon
  2. Rose Water, 100% |

    Rose Water, 100%
  3. Black quinoa |

    Black Quinoa I Ottolenghi Online Store I Gluten-free, protein-rich, dramatically black and quick to cook.

    Gluten-free, protein-rich, dramatically black and quick to cook.

    coming soon
  4. Black barley |

    Black barley

    This is both visually stunning and wonderfully chewy and nutty

  5. Siyez |


    Cultivated in the snowy forested regions of Northern Turkey and was a staple food for our ancestors

  6. Zahter in oil |

    Zahter in oil

    Za’atar, you think we mean? No, Zahter!

  7. Black beluga lentils |

    Black beluga lentils

    Small, round, jet-black and nutty, these are free of gluten, high on energy and very dramatic-looking on the plate

  8. The Chilli Lover's spice collection |

    The Chilli Lover's spice collection

    Don’t worry if you can’t stand the heat: stay in the kitchen!

  9. Dried barberries |

    Dried barberries

    Like currants but more interesting, these little rubies work their magic in egg and rice dishes

  10. Palestinian za'atar |

    Palestinian Za'atar | Ottolenghi online store

    Possibly our favourite spice mix: versatile, warming, distinctive, delicous

  11. Medjoul dates |

    Medjoul dates

    Dates are for life, not just for Christmas

    coming soon
  12. Dukkah |


    Bring some seed-and-nut-crunch and an extra layer of flavour to your leafy salads or hummous spreads

  13. Tahini |


    So smooth and creamy that it can be spread on toast, this is in a different league to other brands

  14. Black garlic |

    Black garlic

    Add a sweet, mellow and rich flavour to your cooking

  15. Sumac |

    Sumac | Ottolenghi online store

    Yotam's desert island spice, for a lemony kick to your cooking

  16. Pomegranate molasses, 100% |

    Pomegranate molasses, 100%

    Pomegranate molasses like no other

  17. Crushed freekeh, Moon Valley |

    Crushed freekeh, Moon Valley

    An Ottolenghi favourite, this smoky-flavoured green wheat is a great alternative to rice or bulgar

  18. Preserved lemons |

    Preserved lemons
  19. Date syrup |

    Date syrup

    Add a rich sweetness and depth to your cooking, the natural way

  20. Rose harissa |

    Rose harissa

    Enliven your cooking with this fragrant, versatile, spicy-sweet paste

  21. Ajwain seeds |

    Ajwain seeds
  22. Aleppo chilli flakes |

    Aleppo chilli flakes
  23. Allspice (Pimento) |

    Allspice (Pimento) | Buy online at Ottolenghi

    Sweet and mellow, this must-have spice is an Ottolenghi favourite

  24. Ancho chilli |

    Ancho chilli

    A chilli that warms and soothes a dish, rather than lighting a fire on centre stage

  25. Aniseed |

    Aniseed | Buy online at Ottolenghi

    A hugely versatile spice, this is the secret ingredient behind so many of our sweet and savoury dishes

  26. Annatto seeds |

    Annatto seeds I Ottolenghi online store
  27. Baharat |

    Baharat | Buy online from Ottolenghi

    An aromatic, warming and hugely versatile spice mix

  28. Black cardamom |

    Black Cardamom | Buy online at Ottolenghi

    Smoky and bold: just a few pods add warmth and depth to hearty cooking

  29. Black sesame seeds |

    Black Sesame Seeds | Buy online at Ottolenghi

    A great and dramatic addition to salads, noodles and vegetables

  30. Ground cardamom |

    Buy Ground Cardamom Online from Ottolenghi Online Store

    The calm queen of spices, for sweet and savoury cooking

  31. Ground dried lime |

    Ground Iranian Lime | Ottolenghi online store

    Elevate your food to the realm of the distinctive with this sharp and aromatic spice

  32. Mahleb |

    Mahleb (Mahlab, Mahlepi, Mehlepi) | Ottolenghi online store

    A distinct and almondy alternative to vanilla used in baking, sugar syrups and cream

  33. Nanami togarashi |

    Nanami togarashi

    Also known as Japanese seven-spice

  34. Nigella seeds |

    Nigella Seeds | Ottolenghi online store

    Add bursts of flavour and drama to salads, pastries and grilled food with these little black seeds

  35. Urfa chilli flakes |

    Urfa Chilli Flakes | Ottolenghi online store

    These dark crimson, sweet-smoky chillies are beautiful to the eye and gentle on the palate

  36. Whole dried lime |

    Whole dried lime

    Elevate your food to the realm of the distinctive with this sharp whole spice. Grinder essential!

  37. Pine nuts |

    Pine nuts

    These elegant and longer-than-usual nuts are for sprinkling and showcasing

  38. Lemon infused olive oil |

    Lemon infused olive oil

    Drizzle over salads or dip in bread for fresh and simply stunning results

  39. Bergamot infused olive oil |

    Bergamot infused olive oil

    Mint and citrus notes here, from the fruit which gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive taste

  40. Bulgur, coarse brown |

    Bulgur, coarse brown

    These coarse brown grains are a light and nutty alternative to cous-cous or rice

  41. Chilli and coriander chutney |

    Chilli and coriander chutney

    A cupboard staple at the ready for all cheese sandwiches. Great also with meat and grilled fish

  42. Dried raspberries |

    Dried raspberries

    Sprinkle over yogurt, granola, white cheese or chocolate cakes for an instant and very pink smile

  43. Dried rose petals |

    Dried rose petals

    A simple way to make food and drink elegant, beautiful, fragrant and fresh

  44. Dried sour cherries |

    Dried sour cherries

    Bring bursts of bright flavour to grain or pulse salads, cakes or bread

  45. Green pistachio kernels |

    Green pistachio kernels

    These vivid green kernels bring a jewel-like elegance to all dishes they are sprinkled upon

  46. Gula jawa (palm sugar) |

    Gula jawa (palm sugar)

    A NOPI favourite,this rich palm sugar gives your cooking a South East Asian slant

  47. Merlot vinegar |

    Merlot vinegar

    Vibrant and aromatic, this red wine vinegar will bring to life all that it's used with

  48. Mograbieh |


    Bigger is, in some cases, better, says cous-cous' superior larger brother here

  49. Moscatel vinegar |

    Moscatel vinegar

    This sweet yet sharp spanish wine vinegar is a fresh alternative to balsamic

  50. Orange blossom water |

    Orange blossom water

    The magically exotic potion behind many of our favourite sweet and savoury dishes

  51. Ottolenghi ketchup |

    Ottolenghi ketchup

    Chunky and preservative-free, this is the real deal

  52. Piquillo peppers |

    Piquillo peppers

    Sweet, smoky and intense red peppers great to eat as they come or to cook with

  53. Planeta olive oil |

    Planeta olive oil

    An extra special extra virgin oil to finish salads with or for dipping bread

  54. Pomegranate molasses |

    Pomegranate molasses

    Possibly Yotam's desert island luxury, this is a must-have syrup for all Ottolenghi homecooks

  55. Quebec maple syrup |

    Quebec maple syrup
  56. Raspberry and morello cherry jam |

    Raspberry and morello cherry jam

    The taste of summer, year-round, welcome at the breakfast and baking table

  57. Riesling vinegar |

    Riesling vinegar

    An elegant alternative to cider vinegar: fruity, floral and refreshing

  58. Valdespino sherry vinegar |

    Valdespino sherry vinegar

    A few drops goes a long way with this rich and distinctive spanish vinegar

  59. Sriracha chilli sauce |

    Sriracha chilli sauce

    A few drops in plain yogurt for a one-step, first-class sauce!

  60. Vanilla paste |

    Vanilla paste

    A little of this goes a long way to achieve sublime results in both sweet and savoury cooking

  61. Whole sesame seed tahini |

    Whole sesame seed tahini

    So smooth and creamy that it can be spread on toast, this is in a different league to other brands

  62. Malidzano (smoky aubergine puree) |

    Malidzano (smoky aubergine puree)

    Perfect spread on toast or served as a dip, for snacks at home or for the picnic basket.

  63. Aivar (sweet roasted pepper puree) |

    Aivar (sweet roasted pepper puree)


  64. Golden raisins |

    Golden raisins


  65. Green raisins |

    Green raisins


  66. Luteniza (smoky red pepper puree) |

    Luteniza (smoky red pepper puree)


  67. Vine leaves |

    Vine leaves

    DIY-style vine leaves and cakes are surprisingly easy, hugely rewarding and very tasty indeed

  68. Dakos |


    Nutty, crunchy, oven-dried Cretan crisp bread

  69. Gran Luchito smoked chilli paste |

    Gran Luchito smoked chilli paste
  70. Sweet olive, fig and almond relish |

    Sweet olive, fig and almond relish

    An addictive addition to the cheeseboard

  71. Pot barley |

    Pot barley

    A robust and versatile grain with an inherent nuttiness and bite.

  72. Kasha (roasted buckwheat) |

    Kasha (roasted buckwheat)

    Intense, earthy, slightly nutty and smoky.

  73. Fregola |


    Sardinian pasta with a nutty and chewy taste

  74. Dulse |


    a substantial whole leaf seaweed, a fast track to the heart of umami, giving a variety of dishes a smoky and deep flavour

  75. Sea spaghetti |

    Sea spaghetti

    a mild and versatile alternative to tagliatelle which readily takes on the flavours it shares a pan with

  76. Wakame |


    a tender green wakame seaweed for everyday cooking

  77. Tamarind pulp |

    Tamarind pulp

    Avoid the vinegar-heavy ready-made tamarind pastes by, very simply, making your own

  78. Orange blossom water, 100% |

    Orange blossom water, 100%

    Made from only orange blossom flowers in traditional stills

  79. Verjuice |


    Make incredible dressings and marinades with this first-class alternative to lemon juice or vinegar

  80. Red quinoa |

    Red quinoa

    Protein-rich, very nutritious and completely delicious. Mix with plain quinoa for visual flare

  81. Maftoul |


    A welcome alternative to cous-cous, this is great with hot food or as the base for salad

    coming soon
  82. Pici pasta |

    Pici pasta

    irregular, hand-made round noodles from Tuscany

  83. Gigli pasta |

    Gigli pasta

    The name Gigli means lilies, and they resemble flowers with their frilled edge and twisting tapering shape.

  84. Sugo al funghi porcini con tartufo |

    Sugo al funghi porcini con tartufo

    The king of the soil – the truffle – reigns here in this rich and creamy sauce

  85. Sugo di anatra |

    Sugo di anatra

    Hearty Duck sauce made according to a traditional family recipe, bringing you the authentic flavours of Tuscany

  86. Arak As-Samir |

    Arak As-Samir

    By popular request we introduce the finest example of the middle east's answer to Pernod

  87. Gochujang red pepper paste |

    Gochujang red pepper paste
  88. Chipotle chilli |

    Chipotle chilli
  89. Whole farro |

    Farro I Ottolenghi Online store
  90. Pedro Ximenez spinola sherry vinegar |

    Pedro Ximenez spinola sherry vinegar

    as sweet as vinegar comes...

  91. Membrillo (Quince paste) |

    Membrillo (Quince paste)

    Chocolate and coffee, mint and peas; Laurel and Hardy, membrillo and cheese. . .

  92. Organic dried mulberries |

    Dried Mulberries packaging
  93. Black garlic, 150g |

    Black garlic, 150g

    Add a sweet, mellow and rich flavour to your cooking

  94. White miso (shiro miso) |

    White miso (shiro miso)
  95. Rice Vinegar, Mizkan |

    Rice Vinegar, Mizkan

    The shorter the list of ingredients, here, the better the product will be

  96. Rice Vinegar, Uchibori Yuuki |

    Rice Vinegar, Uchibori Yuuki
    coming soon
  97. Shaoxing rice wine |

    Shaoxing rice wine

    The secret behind many an Asian stock and sauce. . .

  98. Argan oil, organic |

    Argan oil, organic

    Nutty and luxurious, this is a distinctive alternative to olive oil

  99. Apricot and passion fruit jam |

    Apricot and passion fruit jam

    A very good reason to leave time for breakfast in the morning

  100. Mandarin infused olive oil |

    Mandarin infused olive oil

    First class olive oil with a fresh citrus twist: magic drizzled on duck, game or chicken